A Good Read

Ok, I bought this book on Friday and finished it on Sunday...which is unheard of in the land of Ray.  It's her personal story of how she built a multi million dollar company from nothing.  She also gives tips for becoming a #GIRLBOSS.  I'm telling you, I could not put it down.  It made me want to shop at Nasty Gal to support her!  Nasty Gal has some amazing duds, by the way.  Check it out, if you haven't already (and have been living under a rock).  She references TED Talks, gives financial, and style advice all wrapped in a pretty pink book.  I particularly loved the chapter on finding Creativity in Everything, Sophia says:  "Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world." She was saying to put an effort into what you wear, but ignore fashion rules.  I really love her sense of style "Tim Burton -character roots...and I'm comfortably rock and roll with a disco soul."  Brilliant!  A lot of what I read was truly inspiring.  It pushes me to continue to work hard in school and at my internships, and I too, can become a #GIRLBOSS.