Grateful, Appreciative, Thankful

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is a family tradition to write what we are thankful for on the dry erase board on our fridge. Here is my list this year:

1.  My family.
2.  My wonderful Dear (pictured above).
3.  The amazing Momma Baynard.
4.  Eugenia Woods
5.  Misred Outfitters
6.  The (11-13 year old) "babies" I sometimes get to babysit.
7.  Celebrity Gossip
8.  A cozy knitted eternity scarf.
9.  Alli's stories
10.  The Simi and Heidi (not pictured)
11.  My early Christmas present!!!!!
12.  My stupendous steadfast friends.
13.  Nordsrtom Rack
14.  Honey crisp Apples, YUM
15.  Pilates--a recent addiction...I absolutely love it!
16.  Self Tanner
17.  Broccoli.  There, I said it.  I love the vegetable that gives potent gas.  Love it.
18.  Nori Thai dates with my dad and Rebekah.
19.  Red hair :)
20.  Sharing falling stories with mom.  Most of the time I can't let her get through the story without picturing it and laughing hysterically.
21.  Kahwa Coffee
22.  Laughing with my sisters.
23.  Tahitian Dream tea from Hooker Tea.
24.  Having a beer with my bro.
25.  Welcoming a new bro to the family!!!
26.  Sharing clothes with friends.
27.  Milk Duds
28.  Sex and the City DVD's
29.  Violet Gelatto
30.  My trip to Austin, TX this year.  Best week ever!
31.  Jays Fabric store.
32.  Liquid eyeliner
33.  Elizabeth's singing...I can't wait for Go Tell it on the Mountain.
34.  A martini at the Vinoy on a chilly night.
35.  America's Funniest Home Video's.  Best. Show. Ever.
36.  Simon & Garfunkel
37.  My book on Edie Sedgwick....and my sweet guy who used one of her quotes to engrave my iPad. :)
38.  Living in sunny Saint Petersburg.
39.  Publix subs, and their cookies & cream ice cream.
40.  The Volvo.  It's roomy, comfortable, and near and dear to my heart...brings me back to the "back-back" days.