It's Black, It's White

The boy got a new film camera and wanted to take some black and white photos this weekend.  
A fun time ensued...

The earrings are made with these beautiful brown stones...borrowed from a friend, but I wish they were mine.  They go with everything and they're not too heavy.
I got this great denim shirt from Zara (a piece I fit into my almost daily ensembles).

The shirt was a TJ Maxx find a few weeks ago.  It's so versatile, peach racerback with brass buttons down the front...the perfect spring piece!  It has an almost vintage flair to it.
I am also wearing the old reliable Target watch...

This leather skirt was a true find at The Sweatshop (no website for this place yet as it just opened a few weeks ago) in downtown Saint Pete.   I swear it was made for me!  A-line, high waisted, and the perfect length.  I didn't want to go too hutsy tutsy with it so I finished off the outfit with these Sam Edelman clogs.  My wonderful boyfriend picked these up for me at Neiman's Last Call in Austin.

Who's looking forward to the weekend besides this girl?