The Original Flapper

In continuing our look at fashion icons and originals a perfect original would be 
Louise Brooks. 

Born in Kansas at the turn of the century this wild frangipani child would grow up in the roaring twenties and become the face of a movement for women's fashion with just a flap of her dress and a glare with those eyes that dared you to step out of line. 

 Louise "Brooksie" got her start being a professional dancer turning heads of movie producers her way. G.W. Pabst picked her in 1929 for the infamous role of LuLu (turning down Marlene Dietrich) in Pandora's Box. This character later would become a parallel for Louise's life. 

 Often staying out until 3AM dancing the night away she lead a life of freedom, whimsy and was known for her temper and general nonchalance for the movies she played in. Surprisingly she was not the originator of the black helmet bob, however she was the one who made it her famous signature fashion piece. Also, she could be found wearing silk loungewear (A thing I wish would become a trend again). Her costumes were often scandalous but viewed as artistic for the time.

 Her flame for fame burned too quickly and she was shunned from Hollywood. Turning to giving dance lessons and having a brief stint as a "call girl" her career did not recover until she started to write and paint in her later years. 

Here's to a beautiful wild child, flapper girl, writer, reader, painter and smart alack, Louise Brooks.