DIY-A Distressed Table

Rebekah and I have been working non-stop preparing for October 1st...THE GRAND OPENING OF OUR STORE!!!  Can you tell we are a bit excited??
Anyway, yesterdays project was to assemble and distress our "workstation/check-out counter".

Step #1.  Buy unfinished table at Ikea and assemble.

Look at those worker bees go!

Step #2.  Apply drawings to table with pen or pencil.

(Silly dog I used to draw as a child...beautiful artistry)

Step #3.  Mix your paint colors--er, watch your sister mix paint colors.

Step #4.  Paint away!  We used stain and a few paints on ours...

Step #5.  Let dry.

Step #6.  Sand table...sorry forgot to take a photo of that step!

Step #7.  Put a coat of polyurethane on top.

Step #8.  Marvel at your new table.  Voila!

Stay tuned for the move in next Saturday!