DIY Feather Sweater

Last week, I saw this AMAZING feather sweater from Anthropologie.
Photo from Anthro website.

The price?  Hm, not so much in my budget. 

So I decided to take my thrifty self to Goodwill to get a cute sweater, $4.00.

I also picked up some feathers from Michaels (3 bags, $3 each)...not bad!
Oh, and a $0.29 piece of tan felt.

Next, cut two strips of felt (about 1/2in thick and about 5in long, I eyeballed).

Then, get sewing!  I just did a quick stitch to align the feathers the way I wanted them on the felt.  You will run this through the machine to get them on there good and tight.  I suppose you could use glue but, for the sake of quality, I sewed., like so:

The back will look something like this: 
Doesn't have to be perfect!

Then, run 'em through the machine.

They will look something like this:

Now, fold each piece in half to find the center point and pin to your sweater.

Hand stitch the felt/feather piece to the shoulders of your sweater and VOILA!

Cute, right? 
Totalling in around $15.00 it's a great way to get the expensive look without spending too much!

I am going to wear this beast as soon as the weather chills a bit with some black cigarette pants and sparkely shoes.