DIY Glittery Shoes

Tis the season for glamour and glitz.  

How about some refurbished shoes for that holiday party or better yet, New Years Eve?
I've seen several tutorials on how to glitterfy your shoes and I thought I'd take a whack at it.
First, get all your supplies...thankfully you can get all of them at one place.

I worked on these beige ones first...
They used to have flowers on the toe part but they fell off a few wares ago...hence the ugly marks.

Tape those heels up!

Use the Mod Podge glue with a foam paintbrush to apply wherever you want glitter.

Then, pour away!  
That Martha Stewart really knows how to make glitter, I tell ya.
Try to keep a steady hand in the glitter applying process for even coverage.
Once the glue has dried (about two hours), spray Glitter Blast (Krylon is the brand I used) so seal them up...let them sit overnight for complete no smudging happens.

I glued on some black ribbon for a jazzy touch.

I sprinkled the cheapo glitter to the heel part...

...and voila!  I am pretty pleased with these babies.

Can't wait to show you how I gave new life to the purple heels!  

Coming soon!  A DIY class on how to make your tired heels look party ready!