Green Dress, Two Ways

This green dress is so fun and I learned that it can be worn with layers to give it a different look each time.  Hence, the perfect holiday party dress.

Here is look number one:
Paired here with my striped H&M top, Misred belt, Eugenia Woods earrings (ahem), and vintage bag.

Look number two:
Socks, BAM!  Sleeveless denim vest, BAM! 
I threw on a leopard shirt I got from Misred last year and cut the sleeves off and rolled them.
I have no idea where I picked up the vest but the socks are from Target (they're lime green...double BAM!) and the lovely purse was lent to me.

I look like I'm ready for a holiday celebration, right?

I hope every one's shopping is coming along splendidly. 
Need some lovely accessories for your next holiday party? 
How about a fun pair of fringe earrings, or a fringe necklace to spruce up your LBD?
Need a gift for someone special?  How about a coffee cuff, or crocheted scarf?
Come down to Eugenia Woods and get all stocked up!