New Year, New Me

Well, I may not have gone to fashion design school for my 2011 resolution...(the ones in Tampa leave something to be desired in my opinion and they're SO expensive), but I did open a retail store with Rebekah!  Yahoo Eugenia Woods flagship store! 

Here are my goals/resolutions for 2012:

1.  Devote my all to Eugenia Woods.  Keep on the lookout for many exciting changes with the New Year!

2.  To read more.  Don't coffee table books count? 

Kate Moss: Style

 My current reading list includes:  Influences (those Olsen sisters really know how to dress), the Simon & Garfunkel biography, and Kate Moss Style.  Not exactly smart people books, but I am steps.

3.  To experiment with my style.  Ie. hats at nighttime, flats for date night, t-shirts and jeans made to look fancy, and big earrings.

4.  Not to be afraid to try new things.  I am taking a Barre fitness class tonight. 
Pinned Image
It includes yoga, pilates, and ballet moves in an hour workout.  I am pumped!  Thank you Groupon!

Good luck to you and your resolutions for 2012! 

Happy New Year!