Here's what I've been getting into lately...

I got these new kicks a few weeks ago and love them.  The orange laces that originally came with the shoes had to go, so I could make them more of an eye sore.  Black laces with pink stars?  Sold!
The photo on the right is moi waiting for yoga to start. 
If you're local and like yoga, I'm telling you, check this place out!  I love it!

The Sim and I have been scoping out different routs for our evening walks. 
Our favorites are Coffee Pot, Crescent Lake, and the Old Northeast.

The above mentioned food are my staples, Kashi, Brussels, and Publix subs at least three times a week.

I put my apron on this week too, and mixed up a batch of wonderful.
 Brownies with oreo centers??  Holla!!