My Saint Patrick's Day was wonderful.  I spent the first part of the day working at the store...

See us working? times!  Man, I really need to work on holding my shoulders back.

We then transitioned over to an art party put on by Studio 620
Rebekah was chosen amongst many applicants to be in a new online art book
Her piece is amazing, and I was so happy to be there to celebrate!

Super spectacular!!!!! 

You want Bek's ensemble?  Get it at Drop!  Here is a link to the adorable pants.
They had food trucks, a DJ, beer and wine, and lots-o-good art.

I also got to flex my photography skills (or lack thereof).

I got my new Stylemint T in the mail that day and had to wear it out.  Love it!

Hope your Saturday was filled with as much fun as mine!