Weedon Island

Yesterday, I paid a visit to Weedon Island.

At over 3,700 acres, Weedon Island Preserve offers visitors a variety of recreational opportunities. Fishing, hiking, and canoeing are favorite pastimes for people visiting the Preserve.

I have only hiked the trails, but would love to canoe there sometime soon. 

It was so beautiful out and quiet..other than nature sounds.  It felt like I was the only person there, and I really enjoyed it.  Word to the wise though...wear shoes with tread on the bottom.  I wore these flat/non tread shoes and slipped like I walked onto a banana peel about every 20 feet.  Other than that, bug spray should be another staple.

We've been having the most incredible weather here lately...and I am enjoying every second I can before it gets hot at heck around these parts.

If you're local, spend a few hours at Weedon Island.  You won't regret it!