DIY Neon Sprayed Purse

Remember when I sprayed my necklace neon?

I had gotten this awesome bag from Misred a year or so ago and thought I'd add a little neon to it.

Pretty simple supply list, huh? 
All you need is a purse, some masking tape, white and neon spray paint. 
 I got all my supplies from my local hardware store.

Tape off your bag like so.

I also added magazine paper to block off the rest of the purse. 
Spray paint can get messy.

Use the white spray paint first to give the purse a base coat. 
The neon will be more vibrant this way.

Let the white dry for a few (10 min or so) then spray your neon!

Let the purse dry for an hour or so with the tape on, then peel off for the big reveal!

This DIY is so simple and cheap and can make a huge difference in your purse!