Random Thoughts Friday

Ever seen that SNL skit "Deep Thoughts"?
Well, here are mine on this joyous Friday:
  1.  I am so happy to be blonde again.  While I LOVED the red and being a twinsie to my sister, I really feel more like myself as a blonde (insert joke here).
  2.  Today is Quatro de Mayo day at work, which basically means that everyone brings in food and grazes until the buttons on your pants come undone like those Subway commercials.
  3.  Rebekah and I will be outside tomorrow for the Indie Market from 12-6.  Come see us! Hey, I had to put a plug in this post somewhere, right?
  4.  My birthday is in 10 whole days and I want nothing more than a shopping spree at Surf or City, a facial, and a big date night.  That's not too much to ask is it?
  5.   I want a tattoo.  There, I said it...and it's totally true.  Mom, I know you're going to kill me...but I have to get it off my chest!  I know what I want...it's just the location I am not sure about....more on this later. 
  6. I want this top more than words can say:

There you have it folks, my random thoughts to start your weekend with.
Go have a margarita and some chips and salsa for me! 
What are your weekend plans or random thoughts?