Sasquatch, a DIY

I decided to add some feathers to these shoes after seeing this.

These shoes are so great on their own, but even more fun to add things like spokes and feathers to!

I used an ostrich feather boa and cut it to fit the shoes.

Measure from the ankle strap of your shoe to the middle of the toe strap and cut two equal pieces for each shoe.

Take some super glue and add a dab to the top and press the cut boa piece to it.  Hold for 30 seconds.
Do the same for the bottom making sure they are in the middle.

Then, you're done!  Enjoy wearing these beauties on the town!  I wore them Saturday night to dinner and I over heard someone saying I looked like I hot mess.  I took it as a compliment.

They're a little big foot looking...I might trim them, but I love them none the less.