Body Jewelry

Hello, and Happy Thursday to you!

I was recently inspired by Litter's wonderful pieces to create some of my own.  If you haven't heard about them, they are a California based sister duo with a super cool aesthetic.  I saw them on Shark Tank last week and have been hooked on their designs ever since.  Their stuff is amazing and they have a really cool start up story.

Here are some pieces I have made from old costume jewelry of mine:

Cute, right? 
The centerpiece used to be a clip on earring and the chain I used was super long and needed to be shortened.

Here is the front of this harness creation...

...and the back.  I will wear it with a plain old white t and some jeans.

Just a little shoulder piece to embellish your plain black top or blazer.

WaBAM!  I am quite proud of this one. 
I wore it over a plain shirt and jeans with a cardigan.