High School Reunion, Part I

Daytime Reunion Attire

Rob and I's High School reunion is coming up next month and you can bet your bottom dollar I have already started outfit planning.  I am super excited about it and can't wait!  Most of my very closest friends are ones I made in high school, but it will be nice to see everyone else I went to school with too.  Did I ever mention that Rob and I met our Freshman year?  Yep, tennis class, first period.  The magic between us didn't happen for ten years after we met, but we've known each other for a loong time :)

Either way, our reunion is at the Postcard Inn.  It's a super awesome hotel that I've blogged about before. 

The event is Saturday night but many are staying that Friday through Sunday to make a weekend out of it.  Rob and I will be there Saturday during the day through Sunday.  That being said, I need a super cute daytime outfit as well as an awesome night look.  Here is what I am thinking (pictured above) for the daytime look.  Not over the top, but cute and comfortable. 

So, what do you think?  Too much, or just right?