Tommy Ton

I have a slight obsession with Tommy Ton's work.  
All of his images are crisp, bright, and make me want to be in the conversation with whoever he is shooting.  He is a street style photographer and has an amazing blog.  What a cool job!  
It's more than the clothes he is photographing, its the story the image tells.  
Tommy shoots details, rather than head to toe looks... awesome clutch and purple glove...
...amazing dotted shoes...
...a seemingly pleasant conversation, I'd imagine it's about where they're going after the runway shows.  Fancy lunch, and ice cream!

Anna Dello Russo is one of his favorite subjects, and you can see why!

His blog is a regular check point of mine.  
So is, which is where all of these lovely photos came from.

I would literally give my left arm to be a part of all of this.  Paris fashion week, c'mon!