My Mom, the Style Icon

Ever seen the last page of Lucky Magazine where they feature one employee's mom and their style inspiration?  Well, I thought I'd do the same. 
My mom has always been a stylin' lady, and I realized over the years that the decades I draw outfit inspiration from are the '60's and '70's.  I love to look at old pictures of her to see the kinds of outfits she used to come up with.
Here she is circa 1968.  The hair and drop waist dress are perfection!
She even used to teach Yoga, which you all know I am a big fan of. 
We even got to take a class together last week, and she's still got it!
This picture is from sometime in the 70's. 
I totally love the natural makeup and flowy hair.  If only mine would do that.
We exchange (rather, she gives me the things she no longer wears...) clothes to this day and I love it!  My momma is a very beautiful, stylish lady!