The Rules...

...According to Anna Dello Russo:

Anna Dello Russo’s Rules Of Fashion

September 7, 2012 1:12 pm
For the inimitable Anna Dello Russo, rules are everything and nothing. “I play with the rules to break the rules,” the globe-galloping Japanese Vogue editor told yesterday at Eloise at the Plaza. She was there to launch her new H&M accessories collection, an ornamental fantasia of curling reptile bracelets, dominatrix boots, and turquoise-and-gilt everything, from earrings to roller bags. (See her “Fashion Shower” video for the collection here.) “The jewelry I made is completely crazy for a cheap collection, no? It’s out of scale, it’s all gold, enormous size and microscopic size. This is the way,” Dello Russo said. While we had her in declaration mode, we asked her for as many fashion guidelines as she’d give.

  • A faux pas is not a negative thing, it’s a positive.

  • Don’t carry a big handbag—it makes for a lot of trouble. A small bag is more personal, more about you.

  • Wear night clothes in the daytime. This is my favorite rule to break, because every day is a fashion day. Every day you have to be an optimist.

  • Be bold—always a provocative message. Don’t think about what people want from you. Have the philosophy of children. They don’t put limits on their fantasy.

  • I like to go to the airport perfectly dressed up. Then on the plane, I change into my Abercrombie pants.
  • If you’re not that important, you cannot be wearing sunglasses inside.

  • I prefer to go barefoot rather than wear cheap shoes.

  • Take the best from every woman that you know. I always copy women I see who dress well.

  • Take inspiration from books, magazines, literature, poets. Fashion needs a lot of culture.

  • Don’t eat or drink during a fashion show. It’s not polite. 
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