Old Friends

Amanda and I have been friends practically since we were born.  She and I grew up together with one house in between us.  I remember so vividly calling her before 9am on a Saturday morning, ready to play and she was still sound asleep.  We rode bikes, played with the other neighborhood kids, and ate endless bowls of Mac and Cheese. 
We remained close, even in high school.  Riding to school together, and going to Homecomings and parties in groups together. 
Then, she moved to Gainesville, a mere two hours from where we grew up.  Many weekends were spent in that town partying it up and sleeping it off the next day on her couch. 
Our friendship remained intact even after she graduated from college, got married, and moved out of state.  Now that some (hopefully) big life changes will be happening for me this coming year, I know we will remain close!
Now, we still talk on the phone for hours (sometimes less frequently than we would like, but life happens, right?).  She has a beautiful baby boy, awesome husband, and lives three hours from me.  We make the effort to travel across the state to see each other about twice a year, and it's as if nothing has changed each time we talk or see each other. 

Our early New Years resolution is to call each other even when we can only chat for a minute or two, just to check in, tell a joke or roach story.
I am so thankful for our friendship, Amanda!

How about you? 
Any early New Years resolutions you're thinking about? 
I'd love to hear!