School School

Hello friends!
Man oh man, applying for college is quite the undertaking.  I've spent the last month straight doing my research on schools and going through the application process.  Good thing Fall 2013 schools deadlines for applications aren't till February!
This is so much fun of the schools I am applying to has a project that needs to be completed along with an admissions essay. 
I had to create an inspiration page that represents my take on fashion and the things that inspire me.
This is a rough draft of the page I made. 
The key through all of it is mod mismatched modesty (hello alliteration).
We then had to create six sketches (outfits) that represent the theme of the page.
This one is still a work in's going to be black and not on lined paper!
Here are some more practice runs:
I really love the first and third sketch.
All this said, it's exhausting, and so challenging (hello, college professors from 10 years ago.  Remember me?  How about writing me an academic recommendation?) but so worth it.  I want this more than I have wanted anything in my whole life.  I am so ready for the next chapter and I am willing to work as hard as it takes to get me there.  I am hopeful, but trying to remain realistic.
Wish me luck!