Updated Etsy Site!!

After much toiling and mild tribulations, Eugenia Woods rises from the ashes of updating her Etsy site fairly unscathed- gasp! Oooo's and aaaah's ensue and applause is heard for many miles. Well, at least WE are that excited and want you to be too, so check it out here and peep at our pics below!

Ray looking divine with our Burgundy Mutti (German for Momma) Braided Leather Clutch.

Golden Egret Clutch. Gold Leather and Vintage Barkcloth

 Introducing our Lux Leather Line featuring our NYC Love Bag! Silver and Black Leather = Drool.

Art Deco and Burgundy Leather Clutch.

Lux Little! Small Black Leather Clutch with Silver Cloud Cutout. Our Cloud 9!

Ray with our Caramel Braided Mutti Clutch. 

Jailbird Bag! Vintage fabric and Assorted Leathers.

Little Pretty Line! All Vintage Fabric Bags!

Vintage Calender Little Pretty with Black Leather Trim!

 Stop by our site or let us know how we are doing here! Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Let's hear it! Or shoot us an email.