Fashion Week Tampa Bay!

Here is our latest installment for the Old Northeast Journal in anticipation for Tampa Bay Fashion Week!

Eugenia Woods Goes….
To Fashion Week TampaBay!
We all have images of New York Fashion Week, with the glamour, glitz, press and endless poses of men and women looking rather serious in their conglomerations of color and pattern. I don’t know about you but I have often (more times than I’d like to admit) imagined myself in those scenarios, dripping with duds that say “admire me” and have photographers stumble over themselves to snap the perfect shot of me adjusting my ankle strap. Did you even know we have a fashion scene here let alone our very own Fashion Week? We sure do and boy is it amping up for the 6th year of being a central pulse for our local fashionistas to gather.
So what exactly IS Fashion Week? It is a week in September (Sept 13th-21st) that showcases local fashion designers and holds meetups that span over the week that blend buyers with boutiques as well as parties that celebrate our unique style we have here in the area. It’s also a great opportunity for aspiring models to strut their stuff on the runway; oh yes, there will be runways! Tampa Bay Fashion Week (TBFW) is run by a board of volunteers that hand select thriving designers in the area as well as new emerging designers to showcase at the grand finale runway show towards the end of the week. It’s a thrilling night full of vibrant local creativity and a chance to engage with our design community here.

TBFW isn’t only about the clothes. Initially TBFW started off as a brain child of the talented and busy bee Nancy Vaughn of White Book Agency, a local PR firm that specializes in marketing, branding and events. Nancy has created a hub for driven, successful individuals that can be a part of a project bigger than fashion itself. TBFW is also an organization that gives back to the community by focusing each and every meetup around a cause or charity. Behind the glitz and glitter of the eye candy of the week lies an underlying thread of giving back and contributing to things far more important.  Last year TBFW’s “Cocktails and Couture” event at the Ritz in Ybor, was a smaller scale fashion show and the proceeds went to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Another event was the History of Fashion at the St. Pete History Museum which presented a brief history of fashion through the decades. Each decade of the 20th century was given to a local boutique to showcase their wares and style. From the roaring 20’s though the wild 80’s each decade was presented on the runway in high fashion form! There was even a chance for kids to strut their stuff with a children’s couture fashion show that took place at the Glazer Childrens’ Museum in Tampa! Smaller and more intimate seminars have been given during Fashion Week. These range from local fashion blogger meetups to discuss tips and tricks for online management to runway style meetups that discuss tricks to jazz up any outfit with accessories and quick makeup tips. Each event is different and focuses on creating high energy and positive environments that are also reflective on the importance of giving back to the community. It’s a great structure for TBFW, providing a depth that stretches beyond the surface of fashion. Each event is also held at different locations throughout the entire Bay area, not limited to Tampa but including St. Pete, Largo and Clearwater.

The most recent event that kick-started the season and to raise awareness (and maybe a few eyebrows) was the “underground” Bright Nights event. TBFW announced only two weeks prior to the event but did not disclose the location, making it a very hush-hush event. Participants bought tickets in advance and the event location was announced the day of the event. Bright Nights ticket holders gathered in The Basement, a literal basement in downtown St. Pete (There are so few basements in this area) and came together to socialize, network and mingle in their bright colors as that was one of the requirements to party! Fashion Week does a wonderful job at creating a positive and energetic atmosphere with their innovative events that promote local love.
*Pictured Left to Right, Sara Stonecipher of MisRed Outfitters, Nati Galbetti of Fashionably Late, Susan Woods Alderson, Me, Aneesa Shakur of The Trunk Stylists*
Interested in taking part in the fun this year? While the TBFW has yet to announce all their events this year you can start following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Fashion Week TampaBay or checking their website or even their blog
Hope to see you this fashion season looking swanky and ready for some fun!