I have to tell you...I have had a hard time jumping on the H&M bandwagon.  I am a lover of a good deal, a thrifty lady and try to be stylish...but for some reason, H&M never really rang my bell.  The catalogs are beautiful, and make me want everything in them.  However, the stores are cluttered and messy.  Makes it hard to find those great pieces I see online and in the catalogs.

I am thrilled, however, that they now have online shopping, SCORE!  So, that means that the H&M at Paris fashion show, which debuted back in February will be available online September 5th!  I also read that they are offering a pre-sale of the H&M Paris show on August 22nd, DOUBLE SCORE!  Take a gander at the whole show here.  

The one piece I want and will have is the following:
Slouchy, wool, versatile, $50...perfect.