Here We Go!

We have arrived.  I can't believe it.  NYC on a one way ticket.  Wow.

Rooftop photo from the Dream Hotel in Midtown.

Today was interesting.  The husband and I woke up and went to Parsons to pick up my id card (!!).  Then, we went to mass at St. Patrick's followed by an appointment with our realtor who will hopefully find us the perfect apartment.  No one ever said this would be a cake walk, and boy has that proven to be true.  I got lost today (mostly because I am a moron with no sense of direction) but I didn't call on the husband for help.  You see, I was trying to find CHOP'T (if you haven't been, you're really missing out) without Google Maps helping me (I figure my phone will die at some point and I'm going to have to figure this out, so why not start now?)...needless to say, I walked almost to some body of water and decided to take a cab (I didn't tell that last part to Rob...I have to keep a little dignity, you see).  

All this to be said, people move here every day.  People figure out where they are going, and how to get there.  I will figure out the subway system and how to get around without floundering.  I also know that this will take some time.  You see, I've never moved anywhere...literally, never left St. Petersburg, FL till now.  It's not that I had this burning desire to leave FL or anything..believe me, I love it there, but I need to discover new things for myself--and I'm just the luckiest girl in the world that my husband is so supportive of my dreams and helped me make them a reality.  I keep thinking, if my amazing sister, Naomi, Emily,  and Joanna can do it, why can't I?