So, my husband (!) and I are moving to NYC (!) in two weeks (!!!) and I am just a tad excited/scared as heck.  But boy, the experiences we will have... I just can't wait.  A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from ladies who aren't afraid to take risks (I'm talking about you, Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller, Emily Weiss, and Olsen twins).  One in particular that I've had my eye on for the last few years is Taylor Tomasi Hill.  The chick really can't put a bad looking ensemble on.  

Sequins and a giant sweater? Golden...

She is usually never without her cat eye sunglasses...and I love them.

Come on, any girl brave enough to wear this (and pull it off gracefully) deserves a medal in my book.

Messy bun perfection.

She was the inspiration (along with my dear sister, love you!) for originally dying my hair red a few years back.  The itch has struck again and I am going to have red hair this time next week (YAHOO).  
New city, new experiences, new 'do to cap it all off.

Who's excited?