Around NYC

Well, the husband and I found a place to live!  We are beside ourselves with excitement to have a tiny piece of NYC to call our own.  It still feels so crazy and I am literally dreaming everyday.  I wake up, work like mad on school, eat amazing food, and have a safe comfy place to call home.  I mean, wow.  We are truly blessed and so happy.  

Here is what's been going on in my little world lately.
Flowers like these are on about every street corner, beautiful!

There is a place downtown called Joe, that has amazing, well, joe.  

Also to be noted, Pierre Loti.  Rob and I went last Friday and had cheese and wine for dinner.  Um, yum.  One of the best date nights we have ever had.

Ok, here is my view while I waited to get my hair done.  Bumble and Bumble really know how to set up shop!

Ta-da!  Our tiny piece of heaven.  Complete with air mattress and ac...that is my one and only complaint, I swear.  But man, it's hot!!!!

Thanks for having such great views, Central Park.  You really know the way to this girls nature loving heart.