Party Time, Excellent

So, fashion week is here in NYC--and I'm pretty pumped. While the volunteer spots at Parsons were all taken for FW, I am still determined to be a part of it in whatever way I can.  On Thursday night, The Glamourai hosted an event at Karen Millen's store where they served cake pops and fancy drinks while shoppers looked at her new, revamped collection.  I have to say, her stuff is pretty amazing, and fairly reasonably priced.  I tried on this dress, and was stunned.  Black and white success all over!  I wanted it so bad, but this student's budget would only allow for H&M yesterday.

Rob came back to town late that night, so I had a date night with myself.  It's sometimes hard for me to be social, especially when I don't know anyone and I have no one with me, but I'm so glad I did.  Turns out people who live in NYC are pretty nice.  My fellow student's are more than helpful to me (Photoshop, I will figure you out, mark my words) and people are generally friendly.  Kelly was surrounded by people the whole party so I didn't get the chance to introduce myself (ie: I was too shy), but next time, next time!