New York Nature

You all know I love me some nature.  It clears my head, and allows me to just get away from it all.  While living in Florida, I made it a point to go to a nature park every Sunday.  Since moving to NYC, it's been a challenge to find nature.  Don't get me wrong, Central Park is absolutely amazing...but, it's a tad crowded for my taste.  I know, I got what I asked for moving to New York and all...

So, Rob and I decided to go to Catskill Mountains yesterday.  It was a two hour car ride (totally not bad) and since we haven't driven in two months, it was so nice to be in a car, alone, with total control of the radio.  We listened to NPR and ate Cheerios as we drove along.  Paradise.  When we arrived, I could smell the difference in the air (note, no tinkle or trash smells).  

We spent hours at the Kaaterskill Falls just exploring and climbing the trails.  It was just the thing both of us needed to unwind.  We came home last night wooped and refreshed at the same time.  If you live in the NY area and feel the need to get away from it all, I totally recommend Catskill Mountains.  You won't regret it!