Giving Thanks

Hi!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope your day is filled with delicious food, wine, and pumpkin pie.  Rob and I are going to get an early dinner before he goes to work, then I plan to nap the rest of the day…ahhh :)

Here is a list of things I am thankful for this year:

1.  My husband…I love saying it, and love it's meaning even more.  I love him so much, it's ridiculous.
2.  Friends and family that endlessly support me and my new life in NYC.
3.  My sewing machine.
4.  The fact that Rob slipped on a banana peel (no really, a literal banana peel in the street), and the first person I had to call was mom.
5.  Momma Baynard :)
6.  Whole Foods
7.  This shirt…seriously genius.
8.  Phone calls with my sisters.
9.  Ice cream.
10.  The fact that Central Park is my backyard….well, kinda…it's only a 10 minute walk away!
11.  Making the decision to go back to school and actually follow through with it.  I am not normally a follow-througher, but this time I did…and it feels SO good!
12.  NYC tap water.
13.  Cards from Alli.
14.  Baby Emory pictures from Meghan.
15.  Classmates that are kind and welcoming to this old broad.
16.  This shirt…maybe more amazing than the last shirt.
17.  Short hair!
18.  This blog.
19.  Wool base layers.  Never have I ever needed those…till now!
20.  Coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
21.  SIMI!  I miss her so much!  I am taking her home to NYC when I visit FL in a month!