This picture was taken on Rob and I's date night a few weeks ago.  That's the Rockefeller tree in the background.  So cool.  It was snowing ever so slightly--what a dreamy night.

We've had pretty crazy schedules lately, making it hard to spend time together (his work, my school).  So, Sunday's are sacred to us.  Now that my semester is over (YAHOO) and Rob has off on Sunday's. We make it a point to do something special together.  My favorite dates are when we walk around downtown and get coffee and see where the day takes us.  

While he works, and since I am on break from school, I've been applying like mad for internships (fingers crossed!).  In between sending my resume, I've been really fortunate to be able to explore this great city I get to call home.  Yesterday, I went to the Brooklyn Museum and went through the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit.  It was SO awesome!  I plan to go to the High Line Park today, even though I've been a few times, it never gets old.  Other activities include yoga at home, getting apple cider and walking around Union Square, and reading.  I am living the dream, I tell you..and I am thankful every day for the experiences I get to have.  I really can't wait for my husbands schedule to change so I can show him all these amazing things I've experienced!