White Christmas

Rebekah reporting to you live from sunny Florida where it is currently 85 degrees and holding. During my depression from lack of cold weather (I know I should not complain but the grass is always greener where you only have two seasons: hot and warm) I have been obsessing over the costumes from my favorite Christmas film,

White Christmas

. It's the best of

Edith Head

's work, if you ask me. I created a line of Holiday Clutches for our shop based on the costuming from this movie. Have a gander, if you will. 

My favorite dress of the film is this little green velvet number (which I actually had recreated for my own rehearsal dinner dress. Remind me to post photos of that wonderous creature).


Sisters, sisters! There were never such devoted sisters!

MANDY! There's a minister handy.....

1960's Silver Brocade and silver leather sliver

 Emerald Green Velvet. I'm such a sucker for this fabric.

These and more will be on sale this week at

Eugenia Woods

. Check out the

Rosemary Green!